No Place For Bigotry In The Workplace

 In Social Commentary

If the Google employee had written a memo about the biological inferiority of Blacks, no one would have a problem with his firing, and rightly so. Yes, there is the First Amendment, but in the workplace, there are some restrictions on speech. For example, you can’t hang a poster of the KKK or a swastika in your cubicle at work without repercussions. That’s the way it should be. This is not an issue of the freedom of expression. Rather, it is an issue of appropriate speech in the workplace.  

So, what’s the difference when women are described as biologically inferior? Nothing. Sexist speech, just like racist speech, is unacceptable in the workplace. When at work, keep your bigotry to yourself or be fired. Google was right to rid itself of its bigoted and sexist employee.

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