The Numbers: Read Them And Weep: Then Do Something

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Photo Source: New York Times

A mass shooting is defined by the Gun Violence Archive as four or more people injured or killed in a single event at the same time and location. From June 12, 2016 to October 1, 2017, a period of just 477 days, there have been 521 mass shootings.

Here are the shocking numbers by month:

June: 31 mass shootings
July: 49 mass shootings
August: 42 mass shootings
September: 32 mass shootings
October: 31 mass shootings
November: 36 mass shootings
December: 27 mass shootings

January: 31 mass shootings
February: 25 mass shootings
March: 22 mass shootings
April: 39 mass shootings
May: 23 mass shootings
June: 35 mass shootings
July: 36 mass shootings
August: 33 mass shootings
September: 27 mass shootings
October: 2 mass shootings

Total: 521 mass shootings

And then there are these numbers:

33,000 gun deaths a year in America; and
31 cases of voter impersonation since 2000

And what’s the GOP’s response? “This is not the time to talk about gun control; but we need to do something about voter fraud!”

Demand that our legislators do something to rein in guns in this country; if they don’t get with the gun control program, vote them out of office and elect people who will.




  • Jan Batiste Adkins

    Yes you are so right!! I wonder how the GOP would have responded it the shotter was a person of color or a Muslim. This act would have been labeled a Hate Crime. But because it was committed by a white male it is labeled a crime by a crazy person. We see this also happened in Charlotte NC. when a man with his car ran down and killed a protester. This is an injustice, and the GOP simply want to find a way to stay in power throughout the US. and continue to rule. This country is ruled by the people not a handful of politicians.

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