Judge Cordell’s Remarks At Barbara Boxer’s Fundraiser For PAC For Change

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San Francisco, November 12, 2017: Senator Boxer greeting Judge Cordell at the event.

Judge Cordell giving her remarks.

Dear Donald:

I write to let you know that today, I’m in San Francisco to accept an award that I shall forever treasure: the “2017 women making history award.” I am here with like-minded Democratic women of all colors, ages, and ethnicities. Most importantly, I write to put you on notice that the women here with me today are your worst nightmare.

Donald, this is a heads-up to you and your spineless Republican lapdogs to be afraid, be very afraid– because the power and determination of Democratic women funded by a PAC created by Barbara Boxer are about to be unleashed. You remember Senator Boxer? You probably thought she was out of the picture when she left the Senate, right? Well, you were so wrong, Donald, unbelievably, incredibly, magnificently wrong. Barbara Boxer is back with her PAC for a change, supported by us, her posse.

So, Donald here’s the deal. With funding from PAC for a change, Democratic women are going to run and be elected to local, state and federal offices. Easy for me to say, you’re probably thinking. But you see, Donald, I’ve run for office and won—twice. The odds were against me because I’m African American, a mother, a grandmother, and a lesbian. Shocking, right? Well, get used to it, Donald, because women younger and smarter than I are on the move to maintain the Democracy that you and your GOP followers are so determined to destroy.

Donald, I know that your parents were really rich; they gave you everything, including that $1 million, —a little something to get you started. My parents’ families lost the little that they had in the Great Depression, came to the north as part of the Great Migration, survived years of Jim Crow oppression, and operated a small business. “The little something” that my parents gave to my two sisters and me wasn’t $1 million; it was far more valuable— they, by example, gave us a code of ethics, a standard of morals, the courage to stand up and fight for justice and equality, and the balls to oppose authoritarians like you.

Donald, you will shortly learn that there is nothing scarier than well funded, fired up, determined Democratic women running for office. So, now you are on notice. There are no corners in your oval office to which you can run and hide. PAC for a change is a game-changer.


Judge LaDoris Cordell, Retired & Reclaiming My Time
P.S. One more thing—I just made a donation to PAC for a change!

“Make America Sane Again” hats were popular at the fundraiser.

The award Judge Cordell received from Senator Boxer.

Judge Cordell’s concluding remarks with a donation to PAC For Change.

The Senator’s enthusiastic reaction to the Judge’s remarks and donation.

Congressman Adam Schiff speaking at the event.

Senator Boxer signing her book at the fundraiser. 

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